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Wamery Kitchen Knife Sharpener New Version 2019

Do you want to cook faster and safer?

It is the perfect kitchen tool, easy to use ideal to restore and get the best sharp on all your favorite knives and cooking blades.

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The Wamery Team is a dedicated family that works hard every day to provide high-quality and ergonomic products with the main objective to reunite the family in the kitchen and create the best memories cooking together.

Imagine how frustrating it is using a dull knife when preparing a lovely dinner for your family?

With Wamery Kitchen Knife V-Sharpener you can restore all your favorite knives and give a second chance. A sharp knife makes your life easier and safer at the moment when you cutting and slicing food, Professional Chef`s recommends using a sharp knife all the time because it allows you to improve your cooking skills to the next level.

Give some love to your favorites knives

Thanks to its auto-adjust tungsten rods with this knife sharpener you can sharp straight or serrated blades. fillet knife, hunting knife, kitchen knife, chef knife, Japanese knife, folding knife, tactical knife or survival knife. The knife sharpening v-system takes away fragments of the blade to create a new sharp

Safe and Portable

The ergonomic handle provides a comfortable easy grip, and the anti-slip silicone pads provides more stability at the moment when you use it, our portable knife sharpener is light, compact and very suitable for sharp your knives in any place.

Stop damaging your food with dull knives

Performing work in your kitchen with sharper knives is faster and easier. Save time with this chef knife sharpener and sharpen dull knives in seconds. Create sharpest double-beveled edge on the blade, just put the dull blade on the sharpening slot and enjoy razor-sharpness in seconds.

No more dull knives

You will have a great experience using this V knife sharpener, it´s very easy to use it, thanks to its ergonomic handle and anti-slip pads you are capable to take all your dull knives and get real results with precision and control.

The Benefits of Sharp Knives

  • Cooking easier and safer

  • No need to spend more money on new knives

  • Accuracy and control when cutting and slicing

  • No more dull knives and injury in your kitchen

  • Easy to store and portable

  • Ergonomic and durable design

  • Ideal gift for cooking lovers


Take your Kitchen, Butcher, Fillet, or favorite Chef`s Knives, tip down in angle between 15 to 45 degree, and pull through 3-5 times.

Fine Honing

Knife Tip up, in angle between 15 to 45 degree, pull through 3-5 times

For Serrated Knives

Put the knife in angle 30 degrees, pull through 3-5 times - keep the blade straight without twisting.

Customer Reviews

John Smith

Jennifer Williams

Dan Scott

The best sharpening system

I spend less time in the kitchen

Restored my favorite knives!

October 9, 2019

October 6, 2019

October 14, 2019

Great product! I work in a restaurant and this sharpener system makes everything easier for me

Thanks to this knife sharpener it is easier to prepare food for my kids. Now I can spend more time with them!

I have tried a bunch of sharpeners but this one restored my favorite knives, now they are like new!