Wamery Silicone Food Containers

🍲3 Different sizes: Medium (500 ml), Large (800 ml) and Extra Large (1200 ml). Our containers are the perfect set to take as lunch for the office, kids` lunch boxes, leftovers, doggy bags,junk food, to go camping for pre-prepared meals, pack & storage cold cuts and as baby food savers


🍉Airtight plastic lid: These leakproof lids offer an airtight vacuum seal when lowered, and an air vent when is up. This food storage case set avoids spilling, preserves the quality of any meal, and allows the release of steam while heating in the microwave. From the fridge or the freezer to the microwave in one step


💦 Easy to clean: Made out of the best BPA free silicone, this reusable containers will not allow stains or take odor from foods like normal plastic does. Pack differents foods/meals without odor transfer or flavor contamination. they are resistant to discoloration and easily washable


📦 Easy & compact storage: These rectangular stackable, space-saving silicone food containers collapse down to a ⅓ their original height to fit in any kitchen compartment, fridge or shelves. Keep it in a bag to carry lunch in children's backpacks without discomfort about weight. Have as many as it is possible to organize meals.


🏅Great Quality & structure: With an FDA approved and BPA free silicone structure, this food storage box set is safe for contact with food and unlike glass containers has no risk of tear or breaking. They are Microwave, Dishwasher, Fridge and Freezer Safe. No more disposable containers, save money with these food savers.