Wamery Serrated Sharpener

SKU: Pocket Sharpener
  • Our retractable knife sharpener with a DIAMOND ROD was built to fit in your hand, your toolkit, backpack or pocket, and give new life to all your serrated blades and home tools.


  • EASY TO USE, with this handheld knife sharpener with only a few strokes downwards on each side, your knives will be sharp and ready to be used again.


  • This LIGHTWEIGHT pocket knife sharpener is designed to work on the kitchen, around the house, on a camping day or a hiking trip. Great for fish hooks, kitchen tools & survival knives.


  • WORKS GREAT, It allows you to vary the angle at which you hold the knife while you sharpen, to avoid risks of cutting yourself in the process.


  • HIGH QUALITY sharpening rod, SAVE MONEY and TIME, with the perfect gadget to keep your tools & serrated knives sharpened, replacement your fiskars sharpener and bavarian edge. 100% SATISFACTION OR MONEY BACK GUARANTEE!