Wamery Alkaline Water Filter Replacement 3-Pack (Jazmin)

SKU: JazminAlkFilter

-A problem to solve: water is the most important element in our body and the water filter is more polluted. This collects impurities along the way. Many people are aware of this and they are looking for the most efficient water filter system. here more important is that it is certified by the WQA. Remove chemicals, remove hard metals, reduce harmful chemicals and kill bacteria.
-A taste: tubes are not the last intervention of chemical products. Wamery have developed a quality product for what you can have your family with fresh and healthy water every day without having to carry bottles everywhere. Use filtered water for drinking, preparing coffee, tea, ice cubes, cooking filler and feeding our pets and plants.
-Healthy: This filter makes the water clearer, healthier and tastier. Superfast 4-stage filter is the most certified filtering system in the market to ensure the highest quality tested in: NSF / ANSI 53 for health effects for the reduction of cadmium, copper and mercury. NSF / ANSI 42 carbon activated carbon reduces chlorine, taste and odor and zinc. NSF / ANSI 372 for a lead without lead
-Longlast: This filter is certified to last 42 L, which is more than our competition, and with a positive effect environment avoiding 310 water bottle to be buried in our landfills. every 1 year if you are full twice a day. The filter has a rubber ring around its body to prevent leaks and has a perfect size in the war, and most brands of launchers of the Mavea, BRITA with universal.
-technology and commitment: wamery is a company certified by WQA and its Laboratory developed the Ultimate filter made of 100% recyclable plastic. What's more, with your order, it helps and preserves natural resources for future generations. They are 100% money back guarantee, try us. Wamery offers this filter directly to you without intermediates, without risks. You receive exactly what you order.