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How to use your Ceramic Knives Set?

Updated: Mar 12, 2019

• The chef’s knife

The chef’s knife or cook’s knife was originally designed to slice large cuts of beef. Nowdays it’s the primary general-utility knife in the kitchen. It has the perfect length to cut faster and slice easier. This knife is usable for almost every task when you cook. It cuts, chops squashes and dices too.

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• Utility knife

This is used often like a mini chef’s knife. It is good for cutting vegetables and meat that are too small for a regular chef’s knife. Utility knives are very useful and perfect for cutting soft and hard veggies. It’s even very good when you want to prepare lettuces, cabbage, and sandwich meat. Prepare great recipes with this amazing tool. Where can you get it? Of course, on Wamery.com

• Paring knife

To prepare a variety of special cuts, it’s better to choose the paring knife. It is smaller, more manageable and suitable for tasks where precision and speed are required. Its ponty tip is perfect for measuring the tenderness of meat and also the freshness of vegetables. The perfect sizes are about 3 1/2 and 4 inches.

• Ceramic Peeler

Professionals and beginners, always look for efficient tools that facilitate the task of cooking. The ceramic peeler is the perfect tool to make cuts with total precision and more quickly. The sheets of this peeler retains its edge ten times that of conventional steel.!!

Keep in mind that being made of ceramic material, won’t leave metallic flavors to food. It is easy to clean and store. So do not hesitate to buy this peeler with the fabulous Wamery Knives Set!