Meet Alkaline Water and its Benefits

alkaline waterWhen it comes to health, water is fundamental to our body, in fact, no other substance is so important. Drinking water is in itself a very beneficial gesture for our health. But how many times have we heard about alkaline water? This type of water is supposed to be less acidic than tap water, and therefore should be better. Let’s check if it’s true.

Take a look of some alkaline pitchers

The main difference with tap water or other types of water that we usually consume is that the alkaline water has a pH level (hydrogen potential) greater than 7. To get an idea, pure water has a pH level close to 7, which is the neutral value; below that value is considered an acid medium and above an alkaline medium. The optimal value of alkalinity, so that we can benefit from all its properties, would be between 8 and 9.5. The highest concentration of alkaline minerals in this type of water (such as calcium, potassium, silica, magnesium or bicarbonate) elevates OH ions (Hydroxyls), resulting in a water richer in oxygen and with numerous beneficial properties for the Health.


The benefits of alkaline water


  • It is a potent natural antacid and improves our intestinal health. It is highly recommended for cases of chronic diarrhea, constipation, indigestion, and diseases of the stomach or intestine.


  • Helps prevent diseases such as diabetes, asthma, osteoporosis, hepatitis, cholesterol, hypertension and dermatitis.


  • It also prevents premature aging, by contributing to better oxygenation of the cells and effectively fight free radicals.


  • Prevents fluid retention due to its ability to maintain the pH balance in our body, so that it does not have to retain liquids to combat acidosis.


  • Provides better hydration than mineral water, as it is more permeable water.

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